Alice Wong

is an educator, entrepreneur and active community leader. Currently she is the Member of Parliament for Richmond Centre, British Columbia and is running for re-election on October 21.

First elected in 2008, Alice Wong has represented Richmond Centre in Ottawa continuously for the past 11 years, having been successfully re-elected in 2011 and 2015. During these years she has served variously as the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism, member of the cabinet as Minister of State (Seniors), shadow cabinet minister for Small Business and currently serves as shadow cabinet minister for Seniors.


Alice cares deeply about Canada and Richmond – its people and the community. Her personal journey speaks to this.

Alice emigrated from Hong Kong in 1980, and in 1983 became a Canadian citizen. A life‐long learner, she obtained her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of British Columbia in 1993. She then worked at Kwantlen Polytechnic University until 2006 as faculty and Manager of International Programs.

During these years, Alice also taught entrepreneurship and English as a Second Language at Vancouver Community College and started the Centre for Small Business, offering the very first English and Chinese small business management classes for immigrants.

Outside of her teaching career Alice has worked hard as a volunteer serving others, including marginalized youth and women. She has coached and mentored women to be more financially independent through learning new job skills. She has also passionately educated newcomers about Canada and its values, appearing on an English television teaching series and guest hosting on local radio and TV programs.

On a more personal note, Alice and her husband Enoch Wong have been married for nearly 40 years! They both love music and the arts. A good sense of humour and abounding energy helps Alice balance time with family and friends while working hard as Richmond’s Member of Parliament.


What We Stand For



Safer communities – Alice will continue to support local and provincial authorities in their ongoing battle against organized crime and drug dealing. Crime has gone international and needs corresponding support from the federal government in order to keep drugs off our streets and our communities safe.


A fair and compassionate immigration system - Alice and Andrew Scheer understand the value that immigrants continue to bring to Canada and want to focus on welcoming skilled and educated immigrants. Loopholes, illegal border crossings and false asylum claims take away from resources we could be contributing to setting up new immigrants for success.


An environment that is protected in a practical and reasonable way – The path to a better environment lies in developing new technologies, not taxing the middle class. Alice and Andrew Scheer will provide a framework to encourage home builders, small businesses, inventors and middle class families to engage with and develop new technologies to lower their environment footprint.

Small business unimpeded by high taxes and red tape – Ensure that regulations applied to businesses are efficient, evidence based and clear in their expectations. Canadian businesses should not have to deal with perpetual uncertainty when it comes to satisfying the federal government.


Protection for our children and our families – A plan to protect our vulnerable children by ensuring the length and severity of the abuse becomes a factor in sentencing. Minimum sentences for those criminals who are convicted of serious sexual offences.



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